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Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. (SEI) was incorporated in 1996 and is a privately held corporation registered in Nevada, California, and Washington. SEI was founded with the belief that health and human service organizations are often mission driven and filled with passionate and committed individuals who seek to improve people’s lives by a variety of means. What they often benefit from is access to best and evidence-based practices and proven tools to optimize their operations, drive their decisions, and allow them to serve as many people and communities as possible in effective, cost-efficient, and sustainable ways. SEI was founded on the principle of bringing tools, resources, intelligence, and practices to those serving our friends, families, and neighbors so they can make tangible improvements in people’s lives and the communities in which they live. We are committed to sustainable, re-usable, equitable, and impactful solutions, based on the unique needs of the organization and the communities they serve. We seek to understand our clients and their needs and to match solutions that will best move them to the next level of delivering services and achieving their mission. Our team is comprised of individuals who are also passionate, mission driven, and committed to growing and learning, and sharing that learning with our clients. We are a generalist practice in nature, not focused on one sector or social issue, as we believe that cross sector and industry solutions are often unknown but transferable to other sectors with customization to meet the client’s needs. This attention to the needs of the client, those they serve, and the community at large is embedded in how we approach all of our work.


Improve the lives of people by helping organizations realize their potential. 



Our guiding principles are at the core of our practice.  Clients see these principles in action in the way they are treated, in the high-quality services and products they receive, and in the significant value that each team member actively seeks to add to every interaction. We take great pride in the impact our work has on the lives of children, seniors, families, and entire communities.


Our guiding principles are:

  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics.

  • Uphold every commitment made by an SEI team member, every time.

  • Set the standard for high quality management support.

  • Ensure that clients receive significantly greater benefit than what they invest in SEI.

  • Continually enhance the professional excellence and personal fulfillment of all SEI team members.

  • Apply an anti-racist lens and evaluate issues of equity in all areas of practice.




SEI is a small but mighty group of passionate people with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Before joining SEI, we were social workers, anthropologists, educators, grant writers, executive directors, community servants, and technology entrepreneurs. In our work for clients, we are skilled facilitators, strategic thinkers, data analysis superstars, bilingual barrier-breakers, and all around problem-solvers.

You can learn more about each team member and see their contact information by clicking on individual photos below.




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